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Paul England
Paul was born and educated in England. During the 40s and 50s he served in the Royal Navy. As an electronics engineer he worked in America, UK, Europe and Australia. In 1974 he transferred to Australia with his family. Now retired, he lives on the south coast of NSW. Since retirement  More...



There are many mysteries in the world we live in. Some we know will eventually be solved, and some so inexplicable we doubt there will ever be an answer. The latter are the most fascinating and often the subject of controversy and discussion. The Bermuda Triangle is one such mystery. Many books have been written on the subject and many more theories have been put forward by people from all walks of life. Then along comes the official explanation which gives the scientific explanation and debunks all the mystery, which leaves us back where we started. There is definitely a mystery. Ships, aircraft, large and small boats, not to mention numerous people do not disappear without a reason! Same with UFOs Thousands of people have seen them, some have actually been on-board and a few have actually been abducted – so they say. The US Government has spent millions of dollars on debunking the reports by UFO aficionados and others, even professional pilots who have put their careers on the line to report corroborated sightings. Long before UFOs became a universal topic there was the incident at Tunguska. Nobody, not even scientists and Government officials can refute the evidence that a cataclysmic explosion occurred in a very remote area of Siberia in Russia, or more precisely Tunguska, in 1908. And just like the Bermuda Triangle there have been many “unofficial” theories as to what actually happened in June 1908. There have been many more mysteries but the three I have mentioned are the most endearing and well known. The most amazing thing about these mysteries is that there have been eye witnesses! In the case of the Tunguska explosion, the eye witness was of the thing that caused it, not the actual explosion which killed every living thing within 20 Km. An eye witness in Afghanistan saw a very large object travelling in the direction of Siberia. Moving quite fast the object was seen to change direction! The official explanation for the explosion was that it was caused by a meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere and exploding 7 Km above the surface. Oh really! Meteors leave a large crater when they crash to Earth. There is no crater at Tunguska! Meteors are not controlled and do not change direction in flight! The Bermuda Triangle – so called, also has eye witnesses who have seen boats vaporised in a green fog. The area known as the Bermuda Triangle is just one of several locations around the world where strange disappearances occur, and it is no coincidence that the locations of these so called “devil’s graveyards” are absolutely symmetrical. That is five in the northern hemisphere at 36° north latitude separated from each other by 72° intervals, and five in the southern hemisphere at 36° south latitude separated from each other by 72° intervals. The scientific view of this extremely interesting fact is that it is a result of the Earth’s magnetism! Magnetic vortices are set up at the above locations, causing catastrophic effects to ships and aircraft. The scientists are probably correct, but they do not mention that the magnetic vortices are not necessarily a natural phenomena! To add more mystery to the already inexplicable, I believe that the mysteries I have mentioned are connected! The book “Tunguska” explores the link between the Bermuda Triangle and other areas where strange disappearances occur, the phenomena generally known as UFOs and the explosion at Tunguska in 1908 in a fictional way!