ABOUT Tyrone Williamson

Tyrone Williamson



Have you ever wondered , if your man was fooling around on the side with a man?

Where did he get those expensive gifts he has?

My man smells like he just had sex, who is he messing with?

In the book “Straight?”,  the author T. Williamson details about men living down-low lives.

T. Williamson talks about the homo thug, the married man, and the bi-sexual man. He covers how to know if your man is messing around with a transexual or a gay man. The author has spent years living as a down-low brother and experienced different relationships with bi-sexual, married, and straight brothers on the low.

If you want to know things you never knew before about men, then this book is for you. After reading this book, you may never look at your man in the same light again.