Christianity, the Law of Attraction and the One Command: Bible Principles Revealed and Applied to Every Day Living

ABOUT Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones
Beverly has trained thousands of individuals worldwide and has been a presenter at major conferences and training events where she has helped facilitate learning in many ways. Proficient at developing training courses for two Fortune 500 companies, she continued to grow and thus authored t More...


The Bible spells out in God's terms what "The Secret" said in human terms. "Christianity, The Law of Attraction and The One Command " is the bridge between God's word, His universal laws, The One Command by Asara Lovejoy and you.

After reading "The Secret" I began a quest for more information and how this thing called "The Law of Attraction" worked. In doing so I began to question if what I was researching and trying to learn was compatible with my religious beliefs. Thus began my scriptural and scientific journey to get the answers to my questions. As I continued I realized that there were others who may have the same questions thus I decided to write the book.

"Beverly has consistently, joyfully and in the highest vibration of commitment and love brought the pages of this book together to share with you.  I celebrate the book, the message and the writer."  Asara Lovejoy author of "The One Command."