ABOUT Katherine Thompson

Katherine Thompson


'The day I woke up' is a book you will start and 'feel' all the way through, yes it is different, it is a story you will never have come across before. Based on true life events, it is the story of survival, of living with retrograde amnesia.

Today is 22 July 2010; the sun has already gone down. Questions race though my mind, my eyes scan my surroundings, my heart pounds as terror suffuses my whole being with an overwhelming question Who am I? Where am I?
I am in a living nightmare, a world of hopeless despair caught up with terror, confusion and panic.
The first ten months of life with retrograde amnesia, meeting everyone for the first time, learning who I was, or more terrifying, who I am.
Making friends, loosing friends and feeling completely alone in the world, where does one turn when they are lost, where does one go when they are so alone?

So many of us relate to that, we all understand that feeling.. don't we?