Honeymoon Blueprint

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Honeymoon Blueprint

How to Keep The Honeymoon Going After the Honeymoon


For Engaged and Married Couples

Length: 24 Pages


In this book you will find the secrets to planning a perfect honeymoon, whether it’s your first honeymoon together or you are looking for ways to create a new honeymoon and keep the fire burning.


You will find within this book the steps to becoming a member of the lifetime honeymoon club, and experience the never-ending honeymoon we all dream of. It is the complete blueprint for couples to plan a perfect honeymoon, and keep it going way beyond the first year of marriage.


Have you ever met one of those couples who have been together for years and still act all lovey-dovey as if they had just returned from their honeymoon? You are both happy for them and secretly jealous that just a year after you were married all that excitement and freshness has left your relationship. What’s the secret, and how come we don’t all know it? That is all about to change.


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1-60 Questions to Ask Your Husband/Wife

2-20 Sexiest Dates Under $20

3-Free Resources

You met a new friend, Kathy, and although you’ve just met, she invites you on a cruise so you hop along. You and Kathy party hard night after night, dancing, drinking and having the time of your life. Kathy is so much fun and you can’t wait to hang out with her again! Back at home, you give Kathy a ring to join you for lunch. A few hours into the meal you start to notice that Kathy is kind of boring, and she doesn’t talk much and doesn’t seem to have much going on in her life. What happened to vacation-cruise Kathy? She was so much fun. You realize that you don’t like the day-to-day Kathy all that much. Kathy is not to blame. Most of us let our guards down and are more adventurous when taken out of our daily routines and thrown in a ship with music and alcohol. The scenario with Kathy is similar to the usual case when couples have a fun and exciting relationship only to transition into married life. The wedding bliss turns into disillusion when they find they are too quickly bored or disinterested with their partners soon after the wedding. Marriage was sold to us as a perpetual state of honeymoon bliss. We then set the bar way too high when we start a life together by having a non-stop seven day party called a honeymoon only to go home to abruptly crash into the reality of the day to day life, wishing somehow we could get back on that cruise ship. “Marriage Was Sold To Us As a Perpetual State of Bliss” This book will not help you decide where to go for your honeymoon, how to get great deals or book exciting adventures for your trip. This book is intended for couples who want more than just a drive-thru activity filled type of honeymoon. It’s for couples who want to honeymoon with a real purpose, one which will pave the way for a spectacular life together.