When Our Pets Leave Us: Animals in the Spirit World

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Jim 1537
Jim1537 first became aware of his psychic abilities as a young teenager. Shortly afterward, he began studying astrology with several world-class astrologers. He then went on to extensively train in metaphysics. Over the last thirty years, Jim has given more than 88,000 private readings,  More...



Most of us who have had pets find ourselves devastated when we lose them. Our grief over their death can leave us with an indescribable hole in our hearts that is hard to come to terms with.

In addition to our emotional pain, there are many metaphysical and spiritual questions that we may have: Where do our pets go when they leave us? Do they have souls? Do they go to heaven? Will we ever see them again…?

In this short book, experienced metaphysical/spiritual teacher, psychic, medium Jim1537 discusses the answers to these probing and complex questions in simple and clear terms. This book will shed light on what happens when our pets leave us, and it will help provide the sense of comfort that comes with knowing that the journey of our pets indeed continues beyond the physical world.

When Our Pets Leave Us: Animals in the Spirit World is the second title offered as a short book by Jim1537. The titles are intended to provide clear answers on metaphysical and spiritual topics, presented in an easy to read format that is concise, helpful, and accurate. Jim1537's first book,Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You, is available as an e-book.

**BONUS** Contains a sample of Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working for You