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Marc Seraphs
~~Marc Seraphs fully realized becoming a writer was all or non-else after discovering the therapeutic awesomeness of writing at age seventeen. Once he decided on his path, he took creative writing classes with extensive self-tutoring. Before moving to the States—Indianapolis, Indiana—i More...



Athie the daughter of a brewer conspires with the son of a poor livestock farmer, Tapp, to go enjoy the beauties of early spring—with the ulterior motive of exploring the buds of their blossoming young love for each other. But Athie’s brothers on learning of her underlying motive ousted her to a task of servitude, forbidding her from such an adventure.

And out of the blue comes a powerful and wealthy monarch who will go to the extremes to capture Athie’s love with luxury and beautiful promises of pomp; ultimately testing her constancy at love as her inquisitiveness and heart leads her to the implausible.