The Alhambra Decree: Flower from Castile Trilogy Book One

ABOUT Lilian Gafni

Lilian Gafni
Lilian Gafni was born in Cairo, Egypt and attended the all-girls, non-denominational, French Catholic School of St. Vincent de Paul. While growing up, Lilian spoke Ladino (a mixture of Castilian Spanish and Hebrew words), a language spoken by Spanish Jews after their expulsion from Spain i More...



The Flower from Castile Trilogy opens in
1491 during the tumultuous unification
of Spain under Catholicism. The battle
for the conquest of Granada, which was held by
the Islamic Moors for 700 years, empties Spain’s
coffers and decimates the ranks of her soldiers.

Beautiful young Isabella Obrigon lives a life of
privilege in Seville until she is caught between
these two powerful nations. She is forced to
uncover a secret about her birth and becomes
trapped between two faiths and two peoples. She
must decide whether to follow her heart and join
her endangered brethren seeking exile from the
brutal and infamous Inquisition, or stay and live
a lie. When Isabella is held prisoner in the fabled
Alhambra palace in Granada, an encounter with
Miguel Costa seals her fate.

Nearby, Christopher Columbus–who may have
secrets of his own–waits impatiently for the war to
be won. His dreams of exploration and fabulous
wealth can only come true if he receives a summons from Queen Isabella.