The Black Keep (The Chronicles of Llars)

The Black Keep (The Chronicles of Llars)

ABOUT Tom Bielawski

Tom Bielawski
Father of child with Cystic Fibrosis, avid outdoorsman and fisherman, husband, and lover of all things fantasy and sci-fi.


After being marooned in the vast and mysterious underworld known as the Underllars, Carym and Zach must try to find a way back to the surface and continue their quest for the Everpool. But Zach's new secret, and his growing paranoia, casts the shadow of suspicion upon him by all of the companions. His life-long friendship with Carym is in danger, as is their quest to find the Everpool, even as the hunters of the Dark Lord close in.

Estimated page count is 400.


Due to request from a number of readers who felt that A Tide of Shadows was too long, it has been split into two volumes.

Prior to April 20, 2012, A Tide of Shadows also contained Volume Two: The Black Keep, though it was not labeled as such. If you bought A Tide of Shadows before April 20, 2012, you already have both volumes and your next book will be Volume Three: Shadowblade, available May, 1, 2012.