Dark Legend: The Supernatural Chronicles

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, General Fiction

By R.A. Reene'

Publisher : R.A. Reene' (Self-published)

ABOUT R.A. Reene'

R.A. Reene'


Alexandria Grimaldi is a 14 year old witch, who learns just before her 15th birthday that she actually isn't a witch and that her entire upbringing has been a lie. She is being raised by her grandmother and two aunts in New York City, surrounded by humans. But they're semi-normal, quiet life gets turned upside down in a single night. The night Alexandria finds out that she is a demon. They're forced to flee the city and seek refuge from the supernatural community she never knew they were running from her entire life. The Capitol, who has a tyrannical reign over the supernatural community, puts up a fight before reluctantly agreeing to offer Alexandria and her family with asylum. She's even allowed to study her craft at a public academy for supernaturals. And that's where Alexandria's story deepens. Along with readjusting to her new life and coming to terms with who she really is, she must confront an evil that's been hunting her down since before she was born.

The Supernatural Chronicles actually spawned from my creation of one character, Alexandria. I was looking around from different novels to read where the main protagonist was a female. But not just a "miss goody two shoes, pure perfection" type of female. Someone who had a very rocky past and wasn't your typical protagonist. Couldn't really find anything. But everything I was describing and picturing in my mind was Alexandria. And that's when she came to life. First, she became a simple short story; which was what I into doing at the time. But her story just seemed so incomplete. So I have to add a backstory and build from there. And that's how the chronicles was born.