ABOUT Vincent Gilvarry

Vincent Gilvarry
I am an Australian and the author of five books which may seem as if they are simple adventures on the surface, but they are not. They are riddled with humour, fun, fascination and intrigue and who knows what else. The world has changed and it is really is time for people to step up an More...



In the second book of the series of The Gods of Space and Time, Addric and his friends travel into uncharted territory. Faced by the prospect of a looming disaster, he and his brother spearhead a taskforce of gods and immortals and take a journey like no other, deep into the heart centre of their world.

At their fingertips, they have access to the power of universal energies, but to dispose of the problem will require artillery of a very different order.

The Ocean of Infinite Mystery is an adventure of cosmic proportions in which the forces of light battle the forces of darkness, where universal energies, the supernatural and the paranormal are commonplace events and the unbelievable hovers around every corner.