What Should We Eat?

ABOUT Rick Mystrom

Rick Mystrom
Rick Mystrom was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1964 while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. Soon after the diagnosis, he committed himself to living a healthy, bold and active life with Diabetes and promised himself he would never complain about having Diabetes. He has k More...



What Should I Eat is based on 60,000 blood tests taken after nearly every meal the author's eaten for the past 34 years. What Should I Eat will be life changing if: you're aTYPE2 DiABETiC who wants to lower your blood sugar and lose weight, or you're a PREDiABETiC or BORDERliNE DIABETiC who wants to avoid ever getting diabetes, or you're a TYPE 1 DiABETiC who wants to improve blood sugar control and live a long, healthy life, or you're one of the two thirds of American adults who want to Lose Weight!