The Vet Student (Loving Her Book 8)

Romance, Gay & Lesbian

By Lauren Shiro

Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

ABOUT Lauren Shiro

Lauren Shiro
Formerly L. E. Harvey, Lauren married her partner on June 2, 2012. She and her publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing, are releasing all of her books under her new married name, and releasing some wonderful new titles as well! Lauren Shiro is an author of contemporary and LGBT fiction. Her s More...



One night changed everything for Katie. From that moment on, her life was propelled forward like a rocket. Determined to escape the small town and her religious, stifling parents, Katie works hard to get into veterinary school... in Philadelphia.

Katie refused to let anything – or anyone – destroy her dream. Not even her own parents. Even in the face of danger, Katie held true to herself and her beliefs. She suffered many losses along the way, but she gained so much more. Tumultuous and tender, Katie’s story closes the Loving Her series... for now.

Katie was the character that started the Loving Her series, and from which all the other characters came. She was the base for this entire collection of stories and characters. One Friday night at pizza parlor, I saw a cute, short blonde girl weaving her way through the crowd to tend to her tables. That brief moment is emblazoned in my memory. It lasted only seconds, but it was a great moment from which to start these 8 stories.