ABOUT Kari Nichols

Kari Nichols
Kari is a romance, historical fiction, and fantasy author. She was inspired to write after moving from Arkansas to the colorful and energetic city of New York. Her passion for creating art was developed from the time she was a child. Her artistic endeavors have ranged from music compositio More...



“We stand united, Family of Immortals. Plagued by life. Cursed by the hand of God …”

Rogue was born into an immortal family whose wealth is marked by a trail of blood. But when he meets the unnervingly familiar assistant of his next target, an unexpected rush of emotions begins to unravel his carefully laid plans.

Lissie lives a mundane life filled with work … and little else. She hasn’t taken a risk since she moved to New York City after college—seven years ago. But when the mysterious Matthew McCloud walks through the door of her office, she finds herself diving head-first into a whirlwind romance she never saw coming.

Rogue is an urban fantasy/contemporary romance/historical romance for teen and adult readers. It is the first book in the Plagued Trilogy.