Hailing from Austria, Ulrike is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with nearly 20 years of experience within the entertainment industry from TV productions to the Hollywood hills. Her passion for metaphysics eventually led her to develop as an inspirational author on a full time  More...



Inspiration, Harmony, Abundance all with Balanced Thought... are these your goals for a better life?

If they are, you might want to read this book!

A better life will naturally come your way, once you have mastered the art of right thinking. In her new inspirational book ULRIKE chronicles the thoughts and applications of a metaphysics teacher and author. She places great emphasis on making happiness your goal in life by applying scientific and practical methods.

“My book shows the’ how and the why’ of application in simple steps and by examples. It includes stories of real people,” Ulrike says, “I want to make sure that you get a clear picture and realize your potential, which can be achieved through your own right and good thought.”

Daily tasks to reeducate and retrain ourselves to think and act correctly are within these pages. Minute by minute, aware of our actions, being certain love is our motive in everything we do will pull in the power to heal and inspire. Love is the motivating principle of all things and Love is the mother of our being. Let us return to this source of all bliss, let us enjoy our health, wealth and happiness - now and forever... and 365 days.


Better living is through positive thinking, get your inspiration today!