Girl Found (The Legacy of Mara Book 1)

General Fiction

By Lisa Hall

Publisher : Independent

ABOUT Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall
I grew up in the Midwest, transplanted to rural Oregon where I live with my four dogs.



Ellen can see the past with a touch of her hand. Every past but her own. Exiled to a controlled city after the death of her parents, she dreams of a place where she isn't monitored. A time when she isn't hunted. But once the Republic finds her, that hope dies as quickly as her protector.

Betrayed by her friends and her past, Ellen is transported to a place she once couldn't wait to see. Europa. It isn't the sanctuary she seeks. The Republic hasn't just lost its hold on her, but on the colony they believe to be theirs. As the embers of rebellion brighten, Ellen is forced to rely on the one thing that has always frightened her the most - the talent lying in the palm of her hands.

What have you touched lately?