The Photographer's Wife

The Photographer's Wife

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Nick Alexander



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Praise for Nick Alexander's Writing

Endearingly funny, bang up to date and spot on the truth -- Red.
Honest, moving, witty and really rather wise -- Time Out.
Wonderfully compelling with a high standard of writing -- Liz Loves Books
A truly riveting read -- Crooks on Books

"From the author of the #1 bestsellers, The French House, The Half-Life of Hannah and The Case of The Missing Boyfriend, Nick Alexander’s new novel, The Photographer's Wife, is an epic tale set in two eras, a tale of the secrets one generation has, rightly or wrongly, chosen to hide from the next."

Barbara – a child of the Blitz – has more secrets than she cares to admit.
She has protected her children from many of the harsh realities of life and told them little of the poverty of her childhood, nor of the darker side of her marriage to one of Britain's most famous photographers.
With such an incomplete picture of the past, her youngest, Sophie, has struggled to understand who her parents really are, and in turn, Barbara sometimes worries, to build her own identity.
When Sophie decides to organise a vast retrospective exhibition of her adored father's work, old photos are pulled from dusty boxes. But with them tumble stories from the past, stories and secrets that will challenge every aspect of how Sophie sees her parents.