Twilight Images: A Haunting Journey of Suspense

ABOUT Ethel Lewis

Ethel Lewis
Born in Dallas, Texas in 1948
"Texan born and Texan bred."



The death of Thad Connors parents ten years ago was ruled Murder/Suicide. The case had been investigated, the crime scene searched . . . All findings compete. Case closed!

But Thad had his doubts.

They had to be wrong. There had to be something more.

And he knew he couldn't let it go.

For the past ten years he had been drowning in a sea of gruesome and haunted nightmares. He couldn't rest until he got to the bottom of it. He had to find the answers, he had to solve the mystery.

It would mean going back . . . opening old wounds . . . reliving old memories. He would be embarking on a haunting and suspense filled journey into his past. But the truth had to be found. If not, . . . the nightmares might win, . . . he might forever be lost in their endless black abyss.