Return To Lemuria

ABOUT Richard Gradner

Richard Gradner
From a very young age, Richard lost himself to the world of fantasy. When he was nine years old, he wrote the first six chapters of a spooky ghost story and ignited the spark that became a passion he nurtured over time. When he was fourteen years old, he wrote an essay as an assignment at More...



Billy Bayer has just alerted the mysterious descendants of an ancient civilisation. A civilisation that claim responsibility for every major historical event.

Billy is taken prisoner by a secret organisation after conspiring against his mob-boss. He is taught how to tap into his extra-sensory abilities and his life changes forever. This newfound power gives Billy the courage to confront his captors and challenge their age-old ideals.

Together with his crew of loyal companions, he devises a plan to thwart the organisation’s very existence. But how can one man stand up to a 12,000-year old prophecy that predicts adversity for all mankind?

The answer, it seems, is hidden deep in the Brazilian Amazonia with anthropologist Dr David Steel, who, together with the FUNAI Foundation, is on a mission to save the endangered tribes from persecution. It’s his research that appears to contain the key to the survival of the human species.