Legacy (Age of Power Book 1)

ABOUT Jon Davis

Jon Davis
A writer of science fiction and fantasy, Jon Davis resides in Missouri.



Book 1 in the Age of Power Series:

Vaughn Hagen’s life was just beginning. About to graduate high school, his life beckons to him with college, parties, and girls.

Until the asteroid.

As the asteroid, called Yama, nears Earth, it forces Vaughn to confront the very real fact that everything will end in his life. His family and friends will die. And by the end, he knows that nothing can stop the coming of Yama.

Until the Avatar flies.

His name is Alex Shaw, a friend of Vaughn Hagen. Along with the rest of humanity, Vaughn sees Alex fly into the sky. But while the world is saved, as Alex destroys the asteroid, something deep within Vaughn has changed.

And he is not alone.

For Alex has left a legacy. The legacy of a new age.

The Age Of Power.

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