The Personal Accountability Code: The Step-by-Step Guide to a Winning Strategy that Transforms your Goals into Reality with the New Science of Accountability (The Accountability Code Series # 2 Kindle Edition)

ABOUT Di Worrall

Di Worrall
Best Selling Author, Award-winning Business Transformation & Change Consultant, Executive Coach



Follow this step-by-step guide and unravel your Personal Accountability Code™ for a more fulfilling life and successful career.

Are you committed to personal or professional change, or are you a professional in the business of coaching others?

In the 6 modules of The Personal Accountability Code™ you will unlock a winning strategy for transforming your goals into reality while building a powerful system for tracking your progress and staying motivated and accountable to your goals in the face of setback.


In The Personal Accountability Code™ you will learn:

  • Why traditional goal-setting sets you up to fail
  • How you can use the new science of accountability to customise a 6-step pathway to success
  • The secrets to creating a crystal clear vision of the future, minimising distractions and getting your priorities into laser sharp focus
  • How to unleash your natural energy, talent and motivation to create self-discipline and willpower on steroids
  • Where to plan for setback in advance in order to soften the blow
  • How you can make SMART goals even SMART+ER with a personal Accountability Action Plan
  • The truth about your readiness for change with the Responsibility and Accountability Assessment

Uncover the answers to your most common problems about goal achievement and personal accountability such as:

  • How to get back on track after setback
  • How to deal with unmet expectations, broken promises and failed commitments
  • How to hold yourself and others accountable
  • How to stay motivated when life gets in the way
  • How to get inspired when goals are imposed upon you
  • How to overcome procrastination and finish what you start

Three Editions to Choose From

  1. E-Book – the fast start
  2. Paperback - the convenience of a workbook
  3. Paperback Premium - the workbook PLUS a bonus on-line tool for customising your own Personal Accountability Code™ Report [Coming Soon]

If you’re serious about fulfilling the life and career you’ve dreamed of, let The Personal Accountability Code™ show you how to connect to your natural energy reserves, drive, and enthusiasm.

As the best-selling author Di Worrall says, “It’s all too easy to find plenty of excuses to abandon our intentions for change and revert to our comfortable old ways when things get tough.”

Your brain is naturally wired to register change as potential danger. So your subconscious does everything it can to keep you safe by maintaining the status quo. It’s no wonder that striving for lasting change can push your reserves of willpower to the limit and cause you to abandon your intentions to stay accountable to your dreams.

Countless people experience the same problems and fall into the same traps when things get tough. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Be one of those people who knows who you are, where you are going, how to get there and how to stay on track in the face of setback with The Personal Accountability Code™


Get your copy now; you’ll be glad you did.