Grandfather's Uncle

ABOUT Philip McQuillan

Philip McQuillan
I am a publisher of (Tribute) memoirs. Author of Grandfather’s Uncle, I gather and publish stories about quiet, daily heroism. I love to help keep family memories alive. I draw inspiration from my late father Philip Louis McQuillan. I encourage everyone to write a story about someone the More...


I publish this OPEN, free book to honor the memories of our loved ones. If you’ve ever wanted to write something to celebrate one of your favorite unsung heroes, now is the time to do it. Submit a 4K–10 K word tribute or memoir; if it's good I'll add it as a Chapter and re-publish for free — find me on social media easily (Phil McQuillan).

Our first story covers almost forty years of colorful home life— Philip Sr.'s favorite hobbies, his foibles and the mini-obsessions that made him such a memorable character. Philip’s little recipes, his night job as a radio announcer, his board game "crimes" and his love for horse racing, golf and gardening all combine to paint the richly detailed portrait of a man we cannot help but grow to love. The stories/tributes that follow by Jane Franklin and Liza D Wolfe are equally entertaining, very personal glimpses into the lives and times of their beloved parents.