ABOUT Themah Carolle-Casey

Themah Carolle-Casey
Themah is a writer and artist who lived in Italy for several years. She now lives in Somerset where she is working on her second novel.    



When successful art journalist, Lucia Walker accepts an assignment to interview reclusive art collector, Giacomo Martinelli, in Florence, the home of her maternal family, she is haunted by a recurring dream and other disturbing experiences that disrupt her ordered life, and cause her to doubt her own sanity. Supported by her family she meets Tom, her aunt's landscape gardener and Simonetta, an enigmatic academic and psychic and is forced to confront the possibility of a previous life at the time of the Cathar communities in Florence. As other feelings rise to the surface and her relationship with Tom deepens, she is stretched beyond her usual boundaries, opening her to new ideas and love.