Rounding Some Corners: Observing Life's Oddball Ironies

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Robert McKenzie
My Scottish dad and English mom boarded a passenger ship to travel around the world. They made it to Canada, then California, and then had three kids. End of the world tour. For a while.




This book is a collection of oddball newspaper columns I wrote about how silly humans beings can be. Many of columns make you laugh out loud; all of them show life's oddball ironies.


Read the columns in order or read them randomly at your choice.

I came up with the name “Rounding Some Corners” to create two metaphors to describe the intent of the column. Metaphor 1 is a person who rounds a corner and stumbles upon a surprise they didn't expect. Metaphor 2 is a person who uses ironies to take the edge off life — like using sand paper to take the edge off a piece of wood.

Since every column is laid out on the two pages in front of you when you open the book, you can pick it up, put it down, pick it up, put it down--and still follow along.

I have re-edited many of these former columns to give them a better fit for this book format. Yet, the columns still have a newspaper feel, complete with a headline. I have also included a couple columns that were turned down by the Pocono Record for being inappropriate — columns that I still think are worth considering.

The most important line of each column is the last line, where I try to deliver a double meaning that brings home the essence of the oddball irony. My goal is for the last line to invite you to catch the double meaning that is presented, and then for you to wrestle with your opinion on the observation.

Because, with so many observations of life’s oddball ironies out there for the taking, why shouldn't you join in the fun of wondering why humans act like they do?

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As one of this author's former students at his respective college, I was really curious about his new book ... that and I also needed some new reading material since I was running out of things to read. The book "ROUNDING SOME CORNERS" is a book that presents a collection of articles that this author wrote for the Pocono Record for an extended period of time. The articles that he wrote (there are about 150 in this book), overall examine on just how silly, ironic, and sometimes downright weird people can be. Some (mainly most) of his articles are funny ... some are serious ... and some will actual put you in deep thought and make you see things in a whole new light. Its a book where he is not trying to make you agree with him ... but more of a book that will really challenge your own perspective on things, and maybe add some clarity to your own morals and values.

Of the almost 150 articles in the book, I have read about 1/3rd of the book so far, and I must admit ... while some I have gotten a really good laugh out of it (some articles are designed to), some have also really opened my eyes and made me say to myself - "Wow, I never thought of it that way, or looked at it from that angle". He tackles things ranging from Valentine's Day (one of my favorite articles in the book) ... to our Health Care system ... to Social Media ... to Broadcasting ... to Sports ... to Drug Use ... even things as silly as "Auto-Correct" (one of the best, and funniest, articles in the book in my opinion). It really is a fascinating book that will really challenge your perspective on things.

One of the highlights in the book, that is also mentioned in the preface of the book ...
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By Poconos on November 6, 2014
Format: Paperback
I am giving this book five stars and I haven't even read it! However, I have read almost every single story in this book because they all appeared in my local newspaper (The Pocono Record...a great small town paper). Every story was easy to read and held my attention until the very end and, the very end was where you got the payoff.
Buy the book and you WILL enjoy it.
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Format: Paperback
Over the years I looked forward to Rob's Columns in our local paper. He has a wry sense of humor. His insights on many topics reflect the breadth of his world experience. One can pick this up,read a few columns and return to it at will. Would make a great Christmas gift. Mark Lichty