Healmotions: Unwrapping the Mummy Layers

ABOUT Demetria Banks

Demetria Banks
Dr. Demetria Springfield Banks is a highly sought after conference speaker and workshop clinician. On last year she published four great selling books covering topics from emotional healing to surviving drama in the wokrplace. Her mimistry,┬áDSB MINISTRIES continues to make a profound effe More...


Many people today have been crushed by life experiences. Unable to "bounce back" many have suffered with a great deal of inner pain. Some have drifted into depression. Others have turned to ungodly addictions that have further added to their pain.

In this book, take the journey with Dr. Dee as she discusses: 1. common sources of emotional pain; 2. "Mummy layers" created by the pain; how those living with the emotionally brusised can help; and key steps to gaining emotional freedom.