Mesquita's Reflections

ABOUT Marco Lobo

Marco Lobo
Marco Lobo, a Portuguese national was born in Hong Kong. Educated in Asia, the UK and the US, he has travelled in six of the world’s continents. Exposed to intercultural issues from an early age, Marco utilizes his insights to explore historical connections between people and culture—a More...


In 1849, when Macau’s governor is murdered, Vicente Mesquita, a lieutenant in Macau’s small battalion is forced to avenge the murder of Macau’s governor and ordered to attack a Chinese fort―an action considered to be a suicide mission. Mesquita is trapped in conflict between two fading empires, China and Portugal. With a foot in each culture, he is torn between which masters to follow.. The Macau of Mesquita’s time was a boiling pot created by three centuries of Portuguese expansion and assimilation. Mesquita fights his demons in a world of assassins, opium traders, politicians and slavers. Follow his adventures as he goes to war and steers his way through political intrigues, all the while being pursued by a maniacal killer. Lobo’s novel is based on this tragic historical character, and has all the richness and intrigue of his first novel, award-winning  The Witch Hunter’s Amulet.