Fifty Classic Novel Summaries: An aid to the pleasure of reading the classics

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Clyde Nehrenz
I am a retired residential/commercial painting contractor. Twenty years ago we moved from a busy city to the middle of a cornfield in a sparsely settled rural township and love it. Professional sports bore me, and no wonder; none of my (former) hometown teams – baseball, football, or bas More...



The reader will find here, organized in one volume, a concise, yet comprehensive digest of each of the chosen works, composed using words suited alike to the casual reader, the student, and the academy scholar, ranging from the 1140 words devoted to summarizing Green Mansions to the 7000 words devoted to War and Peace

Summaries of novels can be found in multiple volume sets in most public libraries in the U.S. and in a confusing array of formats on the internet. Many high school and college libraries have study guides available that provide brief synopsis of novels modern and classic. And at colleges and universities, papers are available written by scholars adept at analyzing and critiquing novels and their authors. None of these sources, however, as far as I can determine, treat classic novels of the late 18th century through the early 20th century as they are treated in Fifty Classic Novel Summaries. It stands alone. It is my hope that the summaries will encourage readers to learn to love reading classic literature. A companion volume to Fifty Classic Novel Summaries is planned, which will feature fifty additional summaries.