Priestess of the Eggstone

Priestess of the Eggstone

ABOUT Jaleta Clegg

Jaleta Clegg
I write mostly science fiction adventure but dabble in a lot of other genres. Nexus Point is the first story in a space opera series. Look for my stories in these anthologies: The Last Man from Sword & Saga Press, Rotting Tales and Wretched Moments from Pill Hill Press, Dreamspell Fang More...



It isn’t Dace’s fault she leaves chaos everywhere she goes.

She didn’t know Belliff, the company who hired her to courier sensitive materials, is a front for the Targon Crime Syndicate. She finds out when she steps into the middle of a Patrol raid on Belliff’s offices. The Patrol and Targon both want her. But that’s nothing. Her copilot has an entire sentient species chasing him for stealing their god. The two of them set off on a desperate chase to get the Eggstone god back to avert war with the Sessimoniss while evading the Patrol and the Targon Syndicate.

But the Eggstone isn’t just any rock. The Patrol isn’t chasing her for the reasons she thinks. And Targon’s days are numbered.

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