David's Gifts: A book that will help people reconcile creation with science


HG Keller
Born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska, graduated from Kearney State College, worked in Kearney as Medical Technologist and Sales Engineer, then moved to Virgina and worked as a District Sales Manager for 22 years. Retired in 2007 and moved to Colorado to be closer to son and daughter and fi More...


David's Gifts is a fictional tale of an absolutely non-fiction issue, addressed comprehensively by an author who clearly has a deep understanding of what he refers to as "Evolutionized Creation." There is, Keller contends in the Introduction, no reason to abandon your Creationist beliefs, especially not when the science so clearly suppots the reality of a Creator. A story of new faith, lost faith renewed and the staggering complexity and beauty of a perfect creation. David's Gifts takes you on a journey through life as a young couple grow up and meet and start a family. Their children are everyone's dream. One gifted child, one talented child, and one adorable baby. The oldest child is a gifted boy with an extremely high IQ who questions the need for a Creator. His search for truth helps his father (the writer in the first person) rediscover his faith, the other "gift" the title refers to. Why not atheism? The book explores the history of atheism in a way that will help the reader understand why it is a bad idea not only on a personal basis but also on a societal basis.

The DNA molecule is the secret behind creation. This complex molecule holds more information in it than a book full of library books. Scientists have studied and mapped about 20% of the DNA in a living cell which is the genome. There is still 80% of the cell DNA that no one knows anything about. What secrets does this DNA hold? What is its function? Could this be what God designed to unfold in each generation for the purpose of creating new species and is it timed to unfold at a predetermined interval? Did God put each of us in that timing sequence? Did each of us come along at a predetermined instant?

Craig Anderson wrote on Barnes and Noble, "David's Gift is a book that will help Christians clarify the subjects of intelligent design as it pertains to evolutionary scientific principles.
Our educational system is teaching our children evolutionary theory while our churches teach creationism. Children and adults are being
pulled in opposite directions in a see-saw battle on what to believe. David's Gift may help answer many of the perplexing questions that
religion has not been able to answer regarding these two conflicting and offsetting points of view. I thought David's Gift did an excellent
job of melding the two opposing sides of creation and evolution while giving the reader some compelling and viable options to consider.
The fictional story line in David's Gift has a superbly knowledgeable way of allowing the believer to hold onto their religious beliefs while
still adhering to public school teachings of Darwin's concepts of evolution. Once I started reading this book I found it difficult to put down.
I think this book should be on everyone's must read list. The author did a tremendous amount of researching for this book which makes
it such a compelling piece of literature to read."