57 Pages: A Short Book Of Thought-Motivating Cartoons

57 Pages: A Short Book Of Thought-Motivating Cartoons

ABOUT Curtis Jackson

Curtis Jackson
My background included a childhood on south shore Long Island, New York, graduating from high school in 1983. Before that there was a struggle academally as a child termed a "slow learner" with long-termed placement in special education classes. Yet the youthful talent of drawing More...



This is the third edition of the first book of cartoons by Long Island cartoonist Curtis W. Jackson. It was first published by Nook Books in August, 2014. He restarted cartooning to support written contents on his blog sites, Curtis On The News and Cartoons By Curtis W. Jackson. Between 2013 and 2014 those blog sites were cancelled, deleted out of the online universe, but numerous cartoons were saved and included in this book.
In this edition new cartoons for this book were created and added in after the Google blog sites were discontinued. The drawings address social interactions on various themes and current issues including marriage, family and personal freedom. The number '57' indicates the number of chapters or sections of humorous drawings contained in Mr. Jackson's book, with exception of the title page. *It is recommended readers select 'publisher's default' in the settings of their e-book apps on their devices.*