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The Classic Road Novel that should have and would have been banned if anyone gave a damn is now available with all 40 illustrations. Arnold J. Causeway's The Last Toke is a satirical look at the death of the American Dream and it's violent reanimation into the national nightmare, it is also without doubt a book. Some would say it is a good book, other's might say it is a very good book while the vast majority of the public would probably just say it's a book? But what do they know, not what you and me know huh? The Last Toke is a walk on down the road trip into the dusty remnants of yesteryear, into the cloudy memories of the 70s or was it the 80s, or could it of even been the 90s? This book could be called by some as an important but forgotten piece of classical literature, a prime example of the best of the genre of cult classics, a little known gem that has seldom been appreciated, an artistic masterpiece, the greatest book i have ever read, in the world, ever. It could also be called a pile of tripe but that is up to you to decide Dear Reader. Causeway's book is definitely one thing and that is a jolly good romp, a book so easy to read that you wont even know you read it. Like all tense thrillers this one doesn't claim to keep you on the edge of your seat, it will leave you a depressed mess on the couch with a glazed look in your eye, unlike modern comedies this one might make you laugh but only if you suffer from latent mental deficiencies.... So if you have nothing better to do and are at another loose end why not try this hysterical rumpus, this desperate and depraved insight into the seedy crime riddled underbelly of the fictional yet allegorical town of Toke City. Starring Charco and Doc as our two heroes who appear at first to be just another pair of dope fiends like Cheech and Chong or Harold and Kumar but on closer inspection are revealed to be a much more sinister duo akin to Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole on crack. This Road Novel's characters have more in common with the creatures that crawled from the swamps and mountains from Movies like Southern Comfort, Deliverance and Easy Rider than any PG coming of age tale like Adventures in Babysitting or My Girl. So if weird dangerous street freaks are your cup of tea then by all means buy this book...If not then buy Lord of The Rings, i hear that is pretty good. This book's illustrations have been created by Darren Murphy and the suggested songs that should accompany each chapter were selected by DJ Boostronics and are available from the places where music is bought these days.

Set in the late 70s in the fictional town of Toke City, two small hoodlums and wannabe gangsters pull one last job.

I stumbled across this interesting little book when i was looking for something to buy for Christmas and i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the illustrations and the story itself. What i really loved about it was that for each chapter there are suggested songs to listen to while you read and with the illustrations that go with the chapters you really get a feel for the scenes that are being set. This is for me was a new experience while reading a book and i have read a lot!
As black humor goes i don't think you could beat this book, so much goes on in it that i will definitely be reading it again as it keeps you engaged with plenty of twists and turns. I finished reading it in one night, i just couldn't put it down.