A Teen Girl's Guide: The Growing Up Years

ABOUT LaResa Brunson

LaResa Brunson
I am a author and poet who writes in her spare time. I have always had a passion for writing. And I have been writing since middle school. I had grew up in the Queen City in N.C. And I think peer pressure was one of the reasons why I wrote. But the main reason is because in middle school;  More...



Being a teen isn't easy. Even as a girl, it has its challenges too. From dealing with your peers and dating is a few things that you experience growing up as a teenage girl.

What is going on with me? Why is my life so complicated?

Hang on teen girls, I am going to guide you through this!

You'll learn inside:

Understanding You

What is Happening to My Body?

Believing in Yourself

Worrying What Others Think


Coping with Stress

The Things You Deal With

Loving Someone Else

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