Pandemic Dawn, Book One

ABOUT Bruce Shields

Bruce Shields
Bruce A. Shields was born in Flint, Michigan in 1969, the first son of Bruce and Lynnette Kennedy Shields. His first book, a technical manual for saving money through various home improvements you could do in 2008, he was reminded of his younger years of writing creative stories and was dr More...



Millions are already dead. No law, no government, Taylor just wants to find his missing son, but along the way finds more. Taylor is looking for his son whom he hasn't seen since the Cleansing. He thought his travels through the radioactive and virus infected suburbs he used to call home would be simple. That was until he met them. A group of women and children slaves in desperate need of rescue. He knew that he had to save them. He also knew that if his son was still alive, he needed to find him. In a hidden military base, Dr. Miles Richards works on a cure for the ever spreading virus. With the aid of Dorothy, a self-aware robot he created, they discover far more than mutated viruses hidden deep in the military computer. Who was Dr. Atkins? And why was his research encrypted? Did it have anything to do with his dead daughter or the multiple variations of a virus that had already killed millions of innocent people? Could a cure be found before it was too late? Pandemic Dawn is the suspenseful journey of one man searching for his lost son and finding hope, while another who searches for a lost cure discovers his true identity.