Rise of the State: Pandemic Dawn: Book Two

Rise of the State: Pandemic Dawn: Book Two

ABOUT Bruce Shields

Bruce Shields
Bruce A. Shields was born in Flint, Michigan in 1969, the first son of Bruce and Lynnette Kennedy Shields. His first book, a technical manual for saving money through various home improvements you could do in 2008, he was reminded of his younger years of writing creative stories and was dr More...



Rise of the State picks up where the first novel in the series, Pandemic Dawn, left off. Taylor continues to search for his son with his companion Tia, after having to leave the children at the complex. Makayla escapes from the military facility in search of her father's cabin, and a cure for the ever spreading virus which continues to kill and mutate while learning to operate her new body. Meanwhile, the governments split causes new dangers for all in an already fallen post-apocalyptic world. The struggle between powers may put an end to Taylor's search, as well as an end to ever finding a cure.