The Magnolia Murders: Louisiana Lady-Book One

ABOUT April Rane

April Rane
April has always been psychic. After years of trying professions like being a waitress, (probably the worst one on the planet) fitness instructor, auto mechanic, drill-press & lathe machine operator, and then trying out bar tending … her life changed drastically. Family tragedy calle More...



~Andie Devoe, a feisty, sensual woman and a tough New Orleans cop, originally trained in Quantico and schooled by one of the best martial arts teachers in the world, has decided to become an undercover detective in the city of her birth. Choosing to dedicate herself to the cause of abducted women, forced to work in the hideous, yet very profitable sex trade, she occasionally resorts to the tricks her mother, the Madam, taught her. It’s only when she is forced to kill and is nearly killed herself that she, for a short period of time, becomes the ‘Arcadian Avenger.’ Using her psychic abilities, and encouraged by her long dead grandmother, she sets out to hunt down The Magnolia Murderer.

~ Who is the Louisiana Lady? Can you decide? Does she know herself? ~

~Cadie Devoe was raised in a brothel and put to work by the madam, her mother, at a very young age. Denied schooling, she ran off to the library at every opportunity. If caught, dire consequences would followed … Yet she was often seen climbing the sturdy old oak tree that graced the unattended yard, one of its large branches served as her reading haven, and — the precarious entrance to her second story bedroom window.

~Andrea Devoe, a name picked by her benefactor, fit the young cultured woman who was educated in Europe, sought after by every male in sight, and hated by her society girlfriends for just that reason. Becoming a recluse, she turned out to be a bright, quick, intuitive young woman, always thirsty for knowledge, yet sadly hungry for true human contact and simple loving kindness.

~Andie Devoe, a Louisiana detective, uses the knowledge she learned in her youth, against men who now commit the very crimes she was once deeply involved in. Andie’s always been perfectly capable and comfortable of walking in both worlds. It’s only after meeting a devilishly handsome, caring, and extremely perceptive man, that she believes she has known in past lives, that she begins to have doubts about her own life, her morals … and her method, as a women and as a detective, of apprehending her man!

~Once you read her story, you can decide who the Louisiana Lady really is~