Healing Woman of the Red Rocks (Red Rocks Trilogy: Past, Present, Future Book 1)

Romance, General Fiction

By Verna Clay

Publisher : M.O.I. Publishing (Mirrors of Imagination)

ABOUT Verna Clay

Verna Clay
My perfect day: Laptop; WiFi availability; Java Mocha; characters demanding their stories be told; a plot that comes together; and hours to live in an alternate reality. Afterward, I return home to wash dishes and vacuum. Seriously, I have always loved reading, and now I love writing. As  More...



Dr. Thomas Matthews lost his wife to a mysterious illness and now his daughter is showing the same symptoms. He is desperate to find a cure. In an unexpected turn of events, he overhears two outlaws discussing a woman known as the Healing Woman of the Red Rocks. She supposedly has an uncanny ability to heal. Thomas gains the confidence of the outlaws and they give him directions to a place known as the "red rocks" in Arizona Territory.

Tana Raven Sees makes her home in a valley surrounded by red monoliths. Although others claim she lives alone, she is never alone. Not only do the forest animals come to her when they are injured or ill, but she is often visited in dreams by her deceased grandmother, Frannie. For years, Frannie has been foretelling of a man who will seek her out...and make her cry. After waiting so long, she decides her grandmother is mistaken. That is, until the day he arrives with his daughter.

Sweet Romance

Healing Woman of the Red Rocks is a sweet romance, but also a tale of adventure with cameo appearances by real-life Old West outlaws and good guys. Some of the characters making appearances are well known, others, not so much. It was fun imagining conversations historical personages would have had with my make-believe characters. However, this story is not intended to be a history lesson. It has been written solely for entertainment. There is also an element of fantasy in that injured and sick animals are drawn to the healing woman. And yes, the "red rocks" referred to in this tale is Sedona, Arizona. However, the time frame is before Sedona was settled and named.