Lightning in the Clouds: Journey and Passage

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Glenn Trust
A native of the south, I was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1951, the first of five children. My father’s work as a salesman filled my early years with moves from the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Georgia to Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Petersburg, Virginia and Baltimore, until finall More...



It is always there, the lightning, sometimes hovering over our heads flashing in the clouds…sometimes distant, below the horizon. But it is always there.
We all face it, death, the lightning in the clouds. No one escapes. It is as sure as being born. It unifies us, and the manner in which we face it is one measure of our lives.
'Lightning in the Clouds' is a collection of short stories dealing with the journey and passage that we all will take...alone. It is not intended as a statement of philosophy or religion. If they provoke some thought, so be it, but as all stories, these are intended to describe and take the reader into the lives and on the journey with the characters. Along the way perhaps they will entertain.