MIKE Bowden
Biography Mike Bowden was born 1960 in a small Hampshire village. After many successful years in his career life and many turbulent years in his personal life, he has followed his passion to put pen to paper. He writes in an open and honest style, in the hope that people can relate to his  More...


This is an honest book from an average man who has overcome problems that we all face in our lives. I’ve sunk into the abyss and clawed my way back to a better place. I now understand my own character better and understand my world more clearly. I wanted to share with you some of my own experiences and what has worked for me to improve my life. I have emotionally and physically crashed in my personal life and have been consumed by emotions that made no sense to me at the time. The feelings of loneliness and helplessness can overtake your life just as it did mine, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things can and will get better if you think in the right way. The ingredients you need are already within you, just take time to find the recipe. I have openly expressed how I felt during my turbulent journey and how my life has turned around since. This book highlights the emotional roller coaster I was on and what changes I needed to make in order to survive.