Paradise Lot: GoneGodWorld - Episode One


RE Vance
R.E. Vance lives in Edinburgh with his wife, soon to be born child and imaginary dog where he enjoys a beautiful city, whisky (Scottish spelling, not mine) and long walks. All he really wants is to quit his job and write stories based in Paradise Lot. All he really hopes for is that his ch More...



The gods are gone. All of them.


Their last message to humanity was: "Thank you for believing in us, but it is not enough. We're leaving. Good luck." At first no one took them seriously. Until, that is, all the denizens of all the heavens and hells started showing up on people's doorsteps.

Creatures that were once thought of as myth are now refugees striving to adapt to life on earth. Trouble is, after eons of living forever, they're not very good at being mortal.

Caught in the middle is Jean-Luc, a struggling hotelier who (reluctantly) promised to help these 'Others' live in this new GoneGod world. But taking care of his guests, keeping his hotel afloat and dealing with the constant drama of the Others' lives is figuratively killing him. And now that an unusually strange Other is in town, his figurative demise might soon become more literal.

Paradise Lot is the new fantasy series by RE Vance staring classic characters from mythology, folk tales and fairy tales.

The Cast:
- The human Jean-Luc
- The angel Penemue
- The gorgan Medusa
- The fairy TinkerBelle
- The archangel Michael
- The succubus Astarte
- The ghost Judith...

and many, many more...





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