The End of America

The End of America

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J. I. Kahn
J.I. Kahn has an educational background consisting of a Bachelors Degree in Counseling and a Masters of Theology with licensing via the International Ministerial Fellowship. This publication is written from a "Christian" perspective, although not necessarily the "Christian&q More...



Chapters one through eight of The End of America focus on how everything began and the formation of America. There is an emphasis or the Jewishness of Jesus the Christ with a pointing out of the antisemitic aspects of most "Christian" bibles.
Chapter 9 and to the end of this epublication focuses on the destruction of America and several hundred Web articles are pointed out for the reader to "click" on to view numerous assessments of the End of America via a multitude of scenarios.
Certainly Conservatives of all persuasions. Most Christians of any denomination, most Roman Catholics, all Messianic Jews, some atheists, most Republicans. Some DFL'ers will be appalled at how their party has been taken over. Anyone who really likes to know the truth will enjoy this book. Opinions are varied in this epub and all sides are presented, to a degree, considering it is Biblically based.