The Littlest Chef: Fun and Healthy Recipes for Children

ABOUT Paulina Rael Jaramillo, M.A.

paulina rael jaramillo, M.A.
Paulina Rael Jaramillo began her writing career in 1991 as a Contributing Writer for the Inland Empire Hispanic News, an English-language newspaper with an educational format. She wrote special interest stories, profiles highlighting community leaders and research articles dealing with i More...


Cooking is a fun way for kids to practice their math and reading ability while developing gross and fine motor skills. It also teaches them about nutrition, food combinations and how to follow directions. The Littlest Chef is a full-color cookbook that contains fun and easy recipes for healthy meals ranging from beverage and breakfast to dinner and dessert. It also contains interesting food facts, a list of natural sweeteners (with brief explanations) and food jokes to keep children’s interest. Included also is a list of spices and seasonings in English and Spanish and a glossary explaining cooking terms. The recipes that require adult supervision are indicated with a chef's hat on the top right corner. The Littlest Chef is a family effort. My granddaughters (ages 9 and 10) chose their favorite recipes and drew the artwork, my daughter formatted the book and I provided the editing.