Stop Waiting - Publish NOW!: A Start-to-Finish Blueprint for First-Time Authors (Book-Possible Book 1)

ABOUT Sandee Hemphill

Sandee Hemphill
October is a historic month in my life. In addition to being my birth month, I also share my birthday with several famous actors including Angela Langsbury, Kellie Martin and Suzanne Somers. As if that wasn’t enough, my first-born son (one of two) was born on my birthday. With a stretch More...



If you’re one of the thousands of people who have books in their heads but haven’t written them, you’re in the right place. “Stop Waiting – Publish Now!” gives you the gentle nudge you need to move forward. We cover the full spectrum of writing and publishing your book. For the author-in-the-making who doesn’t know where to start, this is the solution you need.

Regardless of your book genre you want to be successful. You don’t want to waste time and energy on a writing project that won’t go anywhere. We cover everything you need to start—and finish—the job. We tell you what to do now and what to do next. It’s the roadmap you’ve needed to move you from a blank page to a finished manuscript.

We cover three main topics in the book. They are Authorship, Publishing and Promotions. That’s it. These are the basics you need to complete a book project. And we show you how simple it is to do it, even if you’ve never written a book before.

Here’s a secret you’ll discover as you write your book: you know much more than you originally thought you knew. That’s the beauty of writing a book. You get to put your knowledge and experiences into words for the world to read. And you’ll likely discover that your unique perspective will attract many more readers than you could have imagined.

“Stop Waiting – Publish Now!” is loaded with easy-to-do instructions to help you craft a successful book. And we’ve added lots of bonuses to guarantee you can get it done. Simply plug yourself into the scenarios presented and write, publish and prosper.

Don’t put this important project off any longer. NOW is the BEST time to get started. NOW is the time to stop reading and clicki on the “Buy” link. You—and the rest of the world—will be very glad you did.