Your Online College Course Survival Guide: How to Make the Grade and Learn in the Virtual Classroom (The Thrive Online Series)

ABOUT Jacqueline Myers

Jacqueline Myers
Jacqueline Myers has been improving writing skills since the 1990’s and is still hard at work, struggling to put an end to comma splices and stamp out accidental plagiarism. She has taught writing skills in various capacities including high school composition, English as a Second Langu More...



Do you flounder through your online courses?

Do you swear you have given up on online education?

Do you want to take online college courses, but are scared you will fail so you stay stuck where you are?
Bright, well-meaning students buy into the myth that e-learning is easy and forgo their basic understanding of what skills are necessary for online education success. Online courses don't have to be difficult! With this guide on your virtual bookshelf, you can make the grade and be successful in the virtual learning environment!
Jacqueline Myers nails the top 10 success strategies for distance learning in a way that students can understand and implement immediately. As promised, the book is written for college students of all types by a legitimate online college educator. Students get the core strategies of successful online learning, all in one easy-to-read guide. To make implementation of the strategies even easier, action step checklists have been included at the end of each chapter.
This book is for you if you are:
  • Typical college student taking both online and in-person classes
  • Typical-aged college student who is taking online classes exclusively due to time or location restrictions
  • Returning college student who may be working and raising a family while earning a longed-for degree to improve their family's lifestyle
  • Part-time student who is taking a few classes here and there to add meat to their resume, to learn new skills for their small business or to keep up to date with changes in their field
  • High school student who is getting a jump on general education requirements by taking online college classes
>>>>Before wasting your time, money and energyregistering for online courses that you will never complete or will have to repeat, learn the 10 success strategies necessary for thriving in all online college courses!
>>>>Before struggling through distance learningdiscover the action steps that will make your college life easier...and more successful!
>>>>Before implementing these smart, savvy strategies, snag your free bonus gifts in the front of the book to make your online college courses wildly successful!

“Your Online Course Survival Guide gets down to the nitty-gritty of making online education work for you. Jacqueline Myers of Nitty-Gritty English knows her stuff--she has created a guide based on long experience and includes several anecdotes from student experiences gone wrong, as well as laying out clear and supportive advice for making the best of online classes. My favorite feature is the "Success Strategies: Action Tips" that summarize each chapter in quick, bite-sized lists that both serve as reminders and put the student in the action seat to make the most of their educational outcomes. If you're riding this wave of online education, it's a good idea to get it right--check out this guide and get back to your studies!” 

  ~Katie Dwyer, My College Advice 

“An experienced educator and a life-long student, Ms. Myers shares excellent and easy-to-follow strategies for succeeding in the virtual classroom. This online course survival guide will walk you through the nitty-gritty of preparation, acing the classes and even effective communication with professors. Whether you are a current or a returning student Your Online Course Survival Guide is a must on your bookshelf.” 

~Kat Bakhmetyeva, Study_Hack

Your Online College Course Survival Guide is a fantastic resource for anyone taking online classes, regardless of whether you are a veteran student or a brand new freshman! As a student, I have taken my fair share of online courses, and I must say that the difference between the traditional classroom setting and an online classroom can be beyond overwhelming. The strategies that Ms. Myers has outlined in this book are spot on! She covers time management, email communication, and even those dreaded discussion posts! I highly recommend this book to anyone taking or planning to take an online course! Reading real advice from an experienced professor beats learning by trial and error any day (plus, it’s easier on your GPA)!”                                                ~Kirsten Horton,Organized Charm

“As an online instructor I am always amazed at how many students sign up for their first online course and think they are prepared and then suffer the torments of the first half of the semester trying to figure out the ins and outs of taking an online course.  I’ve been waiting for an educator to write a book just like this—one that will clearly explain to my online college students the subtle, yet vital, differences in the skill sets necessary for doing well and actually learning in the virtual classroom! Jacqueline Myers has come to the rescue of online students with her 10 success tips that students can immediately implement while tackling their online course(s).  As promised, the book is written for college students of all types by a legitimate online college educator. Students get the core strategies of successful online learning, all in one easy-to-read guide. I can’t express my gratitude for this book, and I look forward to the difference I will see in student performance in my classes once my students hear about this book…and they will! From me!”   
                                    ~Holly Oakleaf MA, Coconino Community College

“I have taught online classes for many years and experienced the topics discussed in Your Online College Course Survival Guide.  I find this book interesting to read, comprehensive in subject matter, and presented in an easily understood manner.  It is a great tool to use when entering or improving your existing approach and success with the online learning environment.”  

                               ~John W. Aguilar MBA ,University of Phoenix (retired)