The Untold - Unlocking Of Secrets

ABOUT James Jean-Pierre

James Jean-Pierre
I’m a mistake maker, a writer, an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, a loyal friend, a truth teller, and also someone who loves the quiet solitude of being an introvert.  


“In an alternate reality I would probably be a murderer, and I feel no shame in saying I would be happy.” - The voice inside my head.

James was the Gullible child who practically grew up without a mother or father, letting his curiosity guide him.

Obsessed and hooked on sex by the age of eight before knowing what it was.

He received no affection from his father, who left Haiti before he was born, or his mother, whom he lived with but never took the time to know him. It's no wonder he let his curiosity guide him, at least he got answers when he had questions, even if they weren't always right.

As he got older, his smile became his greatest weapon. No one would ever think to accuse him of having something to hide if he could fake a smile better than a real one.

The Untold is an unusual and entertaining story to remember. Penetrating deep into the darkest and most disturbing corners of the Mind. James takes you inside the head of a boy who plays the role of his own father and mother and shows you what the outcome of finding things out on his own lead to.