Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration (Mind Renewal Series Book 2)

Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration (Mind Renewal Series Book 2)


TK Ware



There are moments in life where everything seems to go in a blur. For some, it seems like yesterday when we were playing hide and seek, kick-ball, basketball on the monkey bars, and being tucked into bed by our parents. Only the memories of those days remain. During our adolescence and youth, we had no idea of what the world had to offer. For the most part, we were clueless about bills, budgeting, mortgages, car payments, etc. Once we stepped into adulthood, a new arena of life where our past experiences and knowledge would guide our steps. As we coast through life, we also entered moments of temptation, tribulations, and trials.
During these moments, our minds can become influenced and controlled by external forces, as we attempt to cope with day-to-day activities. In the meantime, we mentally juggle our issues, hoping to sort them out before they explode. Sometimes all it takes is the right word to ignite the faith that lingers within all of us. Everyone has their own journey to take, and it helps when someone can pass along a baton of inspiration as we run this race of faith. Many people hide behind a smile in order to shelter themselves from the world.

RUN THE RACE is not a declaration or a ministerial devotion to doctrine, but rather it is a few words of inspiration, created to aid your journey as you stride through life.