Love Triangles: Discovering Jesus the Jew in Today's Israel

ABOUT Bobbie Ann Cole

Bobbie Ann Cole
I have lived and worked in Israel with my husband Butch, a Canadian. We now live in Canterbury, England, where I am a storyteller and a teacher, as well as a writer. My first two books, both memoirs, became Amazon #1 bestsellers. My debut novel, Being Lena Levi, was shortlisted for the Eye More...



A Jewish woman’s unconventional quest to find Jesus in modern Israel

With candor and an intimate knowledge of the Land and its people, Bobbie Ann Cole takes you on some intriguing time travel, such as to the ceremonial slaughtering of Passover lambs in the nearby temple as Jesus died on the cross.
Her moving and compellingly-written personal story of making Aliyah to Israel with her husband, Butch effectively interweaves Israel’s ancient and modern history with biblical references. She reveals the challenges that have faced Jewish believers from Peter and Paul on down to the present day, including her own. The underlying antagonism of her beloved Israel towards Messianic Jews leaves her sneaking around, keeping her true identity secret.
A blend of memoir, travelogue, historical document and investigative journalism, Love Triangles
is not about theological principals; it's about love.
• How Jesus used Jewish festivals to underscore His message.
• The story of Jesus’ Bar Mitzvah.
• Why Jewish atheists may move to Israel but not believer Jews.
• Why Judaism rejects Jesus as Messiah.

This is my story of making Aliyah (immigrating) to Israel. I experienced joy in every stunning landscape where I met Jesus. But it was also challenging for me and other Jews like me who believe in Jesus. Neither the people nor the state welcome Jews who accept Him as their Messiah. I found myself being secretive about who I was and what I stood for.

“A compellingly-written personal story of a journey to
faith in Christ and beyond.”
—David Edwards - Bishop of Fredericton
"Love Triangles illuminates the unexpected journey of
one women's quest to come to grips with the
overwhelming scope of Israel's history and legacy,
contrasted by today's stark and sometimes harsh
realities. This is all seen through the real life
experiences of one person but don't be surprised if you
find yourself on many of its pages. This book is an 'eyes
wide open' must-read."
—George Woodward, founder Israel’s Peace
"Moving and well written, Bobbie Ann Cole’s story of
making Aliyah to Israel with her husband, Butch,
combines history, Scripture with accounts of Messianic
Jews and Christians living there from around the world.
With open, heartfelt honesty, Cole shares vital insights
on the courage and determination that Messianic
believers require to sustain their calling in Israel."
—Ben Volman, Toronto Director, Chosen People
Ministries Canada and founding Messianic Rabbi
of Kehillat Eytz Chaim / Tree of Life Messianic
Congregation, Toronto
“Her love of the Land of Israel and the Scriptures shine
out as the author narrates her Aliyah journey.”
—Judith Galblum Pex, author of Walk the Land, A
People Tall and Smooth, Come, Stay, Celebrate
"If you love Israel and Messiah Yeshua then you’ll love
Love Triangles, Discovering Jesus the Jew in Today’s
Israel. I recommend this great book to all!
—Rev. Walter Slaughter, founder of Israel for
“You feel as if you're walking the paths Jesus walked two
millennia ago. Bobbie Ann Cole may have led a 'secret
life,' but each page gives us an insider's look at some of
her very personal experiences. If you've ever felt like a
misfit, you'll be able to identify with Cole as a Messianic
Jew in the 21st century.”
—Betsy Balega, author Being Mystic in Touch
with God and Hosts and broadcaster Tuning in
with Betsy
"Bobbie writes in a very easy-to-read fashion which
captures the depth of her personal experience and faith
journey. Her book helps the reader to understand more
about modern day Israel and the plight of the Messianic
Jewish people. I would recommend this book to anyone
seeking a greater understanding of our Jewish roots as
they pertain to our Faith."
—Vivian Osborne, Pastor’s wife
"A really enjoyable read that opened my eyes to the
importance of Israel in God’s plans, and the challenges
facing Messianic Jews. In this book the author connects
the life of Jesus to events and festivals in the Old
Testament. Her testimonies provide an excellent insight
into the persecution experienced not only by today's
Jews who believe in Jesus, but also by his early Jewish
—Trevor Fotheringham, Treasurer, Parish of
Lakewood, NB, Canada
“Love Triangles has a mix of personal accounts and
history to inform the reader of the modern day struggles
in Israel. The Nation of Israel has had a long journey
and identity crisis in the search of their Messiah. Bobbie
Ann Cole has done a great job bringing this timely topic
to light.”
—Brad Saunders, Sabbath Keepers Fellowship,
"Love Triangles is a vibrant, captivating read that
effectively interweaves Israel’s ancient and modern
history with biblical references and the author’s own
personal experiences. Sparkling with intelligence and
peppered with sage observations, Love Triangles is a
spectacular labor of love born out of Cole’s deep passion
for both the Messiah and the country of Israel. Fearless
and thought-provoking, it is a must read for anyone
seeking to discover and/or better understand the impact
of Jesus Christ within the context of today’s rapidly
evolving times.”
—Sally Meadows, two time national award
nominated singer/songwriter and author of
Beneath That Star
“One of the things I love about Israel is the way ancient
and modern history collide with our present-day history
in a wonderful expression of God’s plan for His people.
Here in Bobbie’s book are a number of stories woven
together from the Bible, from history and from Bobbie’s
own life in a perfect demonstration of how Jesus, the
Jewish Messiah, reaches through history to touch both
ancient and modern people, as well as Bobbie, her
husband, Butch, and those they met along the way. As
someone who has had the joy of visiting Israel, Bobbie’s
reflections took me right back to my own encounter with
the Land and back to being among believers of all
nations at Beit Immanuel, where I have stayed as a
member of the CMJ Team. This meeting of like-minded
people touched by the Spirit of God must be a foretaste
of heaven.”
—Steph Cottam, Youth Worker for Church’s
Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ), author of
Ready or Not – He is Coming
“Bobbie Ann Cole is a gifted and insightful writer. Love
Triangles showcases her ability to provide unique
perspective and to present it in an engaging and
compelling work.”
—Karl Ingersoll, Chaplain Coordinator, RCMP, "J"
Division, NB, Canada
"This book truly enlightens the heart to the
understanding of the meaning of Aliyah within the Jewish
—Yedidia Flaquer, the Art Garage
"Bobbie has captured what matters. This book is not
about theological principals; it's about love."
—Adrian Glasspole, Secretary, British Messianic
Jewish Alliance
"Bobbie Cole has opened a window onto the faith and
experience of those Jewish believers who have embraced
Jesus as their Messiah. With candor and an intimate
knowledge of the land and its people, she weaves a
picture, together with the depth of personal experience.
All believers, both Gentile and Jewish, would be well
advised to read this book as its insights will add depth
and understanding to Israel and to the Faith we have all
inherited from the heart of Abraham. I really enjoyed
reading this book, one of the best I’ve ever read and of
great value to anyone.”
—Rev. Canon Keith Osborne, Canada