The Devil and the Awesome Four Vol.II Resurrector

The Devil and the Awesome Four Vol.II Resurrector

ABOUT Patrick M Cunningham

Patrick M Cunningham
Patrick M. Cunningham is a New Adult Fiction genre writer and the author of The Devil and the Awesome Four. Inspired by real-life experiences, including his membership in a Satanic cult at the age of 16, Patrick began writing out of boredom. His first days of writing began at the age of ni More...



Ben, Rodger, Jackie, and Sarah are back for more spills, and chills. The stench of evil hangs in the air, like a foul odor that nauseates, tying your stomach in knots. The blood of the innocent will yet again be spilled upon the streets as Satan sends even more monstrous creations to dispose of our heroes once and for all. His anger is like a volcano ready to explode, after suffering numerous defeats at the hands of the Awesome Four. He is planning, conniving, and creating even more creatures to do his bidding for the end of days is near, as is his chance to once again rise from the black abyss that we know as Hell that has held him captive for so many centuries. However, they are four people who stand in his way of accomplishing his goal of world domination, and soon they will have allies even they could not have imagined in their own wildest dreams. Help from the most unlikely people that they least expect to join their cause. So buckle up, and let's rock n' roll on the roller coaster ride of mayhem and chaos that has become the Devil and the Awesome Four. The Adventures continue…