History, Prehistory and Biological Evolution (Time Maps Book 1)

ABOUT Martini Fisher

Martini Fisher
Martini Fisher is a mythographer and lecturer. Her first series of books, "Wayang: Stories of the Shadow Puppets," is a look at the ancient stories of Javanese creation myths as told in its traditional performances. Spending most of her time in Asia and Australia, Martini started More...



Written with a Mathematician’s precision and a Historian’s curiosity, Time Maps covers over millennia’s worth of developments & impacts of civilizations, migrations, leaders and continents. Illuminating concepts of societies, dynasties, heroes, kings and eras through incisive and thorough research, looking at ideas, theories & world views with a sense of wonder and delight.
History, Prehistory and Biological Evolution is the first book of the series, as it deals with the general misunderstandings in the study of History and how they came about. It then looks at the world from the very beginning, examining theories of evolution and other beliefs on the subject, before discussing Biological Evolution in details.