An American Looks At Wuerzburg, Germany

History, Travel

By Catherine Jaime

Publisher : Creative Learning Connection

ABOUT Catherine Jaime

Catherine Jaime
Homeschool Mom of 12, Teacher, Historian, and Author.  


This informative book can serve to introduce you to the fascinating city of Wuerzburg, Germany, or to help you understand the history behind the sites you are seeing. The book includes an annotated guide to the city's history, an alphabetical guide to the sites and people, and an in-depth look at the Residenz. 

This book comes to you as a work of love – the love an American has come to know over the past four years for a very special German city. It is not meant to be the last word on Wuerzburg. It is meant only to be an introduction to this amazing city. To know and understand the history of Wuerzburg is to know and understand much of the history of Germany as a whole. This history is often difficult to grasp for Americans with a limited knowledge of German. This book originated from my frustrated attempts to find a book in English that covered the history of the Wuerzburg area in depth. As I added to my knowledge of Wuerzburg’s history, and tried to relate what I did know to larger picture of German history, I dug deeper into whatever sources I could find: I pieced together information from books on sites of Wuerzburg; supplemented that with information found in several books on the history of Germany; and checked countless references in my encyclopedias and dictionaries. And after all that research, I came up with this book – sprinkled throughout with the marvelous tidbits I gleaned from numerous tours with Frau Helga, a wonderful German woman who gave me a great insight into Wuerzburg.