No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Barbecue & Grilling Cookbook (Volume 6)

ABOUT Donald Gazzaniga

Donald Gazzaniga
Motion picture/TV producer/director/cinematographer and writer. (retired) Author of five heart healthy cookbooks and two published novels with three on the way. Live in northern California with my wife. 
Cookbooks published by Macmillan St. Martin's Press, one novel was published by  More...



Two-hundred plus recipes for outdoor living including grilled meat, vegetables, side dishes, desserts, Dutch Oven recipes and more. Author Gazzaniga survived a terminal heart disease diagnosis and created a no-salt program that has saved thousands of lives and helped scores of heart patients to avoid a heart transplant. Together with his wife they have created six no-salt books, each one dealing with special recipes they created, tested and published. Featured in national magazines, on TV and radio, The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium lifestyle is becoming more and more an acceptable way of life for all who want to live a longer and healthier life. Patients with Meniere's Syndrome, Nephrotic syndrome, kidney and liver ailments and other maladies requiring a no salt lifestyle have returned to health after adopting Gazzaniga's no-salt lifestyle. "It worked for thousands of us," he says, "and it's a forever way to live that requires very little effort."